Scissor Lift Access Platforms

Scissor Lift Access Platforms

Scissor lift access platforms are one of the most popular hired access platforms. For reaching height safely and securely, a scissor lift offers many advantages.

A scissor lift ia a large rectangular platform on a motorised truck with the same footprint, commonly powered by either diesel or electric batteries depending on your application.

Scissor lift

Scissor Lift

Scissors can be driven from height while operatives are in the cage, meaning time is saved and work can proceed quickly and easily.

Scissor lifts have a very good height reach and are a practical solution depending on the surface you will be using it on.

Ideally suited to smoother, flatter ground, scissors can cope with inclines and gradients.

For rough ground, or where you need to span obstacles, a cherry picker (boom lift) is a better solution as the platform isn’t restricted to be directly above the truck body as is the case with a scissor lift.

Different sizes of scissor platforms offer different height access. The larger the machine, the greater the weight it can lift and the higher it can extend.

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Safe access at height has been a huge step forwards in protecting the welfare of people at work whether on construction sites, in warehouses, or for one off applications fo signwriters, painters and decorators, electricians etc. They all require a safe platform to work from at height and Liftright access deliver machines across the UK for all applications, eith on short term hire, through to longer term lease deals and sales.

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