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Professional College & School Cleaning

Cleaning Services for London Schools, Universities & Colleges

Maintaining Schools and University properties can be a challenge.  London school cleaning has changed in recent months with Covid-19 requirements and additional safety requirements.

It has never been more important to be able to maintain a safe and secure learning environment than it is today.  Regular, disinfecting of all areas of your school, university or college is a critical part of providing a safe space for students, teachers and lecturers.

Having confidence in your cleaning service provider is crutial to keeping everyone safe.

Reliability of service is one key component along with highly skilled, professional personnel that you can trust to clean your buildings effectively.

School Cleaning

Schools have many communal areas, class rooms, dining areas, corridors, bathrooms, kitchens etc. All of these areas need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected with good quality products that will kill the coronavirus preventing unnecessary exposure for students.

Flex Cleaning, London School cleaning specialists offer bespoke cleaning schedules to suit the needs of each individual school, college or university.

Educational Facilities & Covid

Schools face a series of challenges keeping all their students as well as their staff safe from corona. While social distancing plays a part, touch infected surfaces is one of the most common ways that the virus spreads through the population.

Regular cleaning of all surfaces, especially those in high traffic areas where pupils congregate or pass through such as stairwells, corridors, door handles etc.

By keeping these areas disinfected on a consistent basis, schools can limit any potential spread and thus limit the opportunities for the virus to spread through the school.

Flex Cleaning offer specialist cleaning services for schools and universities and can provide a schedule of works to keep your buildings as safe as possible.

Regular cleaning breaks the chain of opportunity for the virus, stopping it in its tracks. Without a regular cleaning schedule, the virus can quickly spread from communal areas into classrooms and through your student population.